Webster Soft Washing Services

Welcome to BF Home Services! We are a locally owned and operated company proudly serving Webster and the surrounding areas. We specialize in soft washing services for your roof and siding. We use low pressured water jets and specially formulated cleansers to safely lift dirt, moss, and algae from your siding and roof. We coat your house and roof in these gentle detergents, then rinse it off after it has soaked in and lifted all the contaminants from the surface.Rochester NY Soft Wash House Low Pressure Washing

Get rid of Streaks

The black streaks on your roof are not caused by dirt. It is a type of microorganism called Gloeocapsa magma. It is actually algae, and it can be devastating to your roof. It retains moisture and creates an inviting space for other microorganisms. They, in turn, hold in more moisture, and soon your roof is covered in moss, mold, and algae. This can happen on any house in Webster, but it can be worse if you are in an area near water, or if you get a lot of shade. Whatever the case may be, if you are facing an infestation, give us a call right away and we will come and remove it.

Professional Equipment

Our professional equipment allows us to dial in the proper settings for any application. Whether your roof is asphalt, clay, slate, or aluminum, our soft washing service is the perfect solution to renew its look. Likewise, our soft washing techniques are suitable for any type of siding, including vinyl, brick, shake, or painted lap siding.

Proper Technique

A pressure washer could run you a thousand dollars or more. That is before you buy your cleaning detergent. Trying to operate a pressure washer can be tricky, and you could easily damage your siding or hurt yourself while trying to use one. Most shingles are pretty tough, but if you spray water underneath them or into a vent, you may be introducing a whole new moisture problem into your home. The key to our success with our soft washing service in Webster is that we deliver the water only where it is needed using low pressure. This distributes the cleansers gently and evenly across whatever we are washing.

Cleaning Agents that Work

Speaking of our cleansers, if you have ever tried a DIY approach you may be familiar with how disappointing they can be. We have seen it all. From the kind you pump and spray to the kind you attach to your hose. If those kits actually worked, you would not need us! We have many raving reviews from customers in Webster that can attest to our results. We also have many before and after pictures from past projects.

Call the Professionals

If your house or roof have become dull and dingy looking, the best way to boost your curb appeal is to have a professional team come and wash it.  We will give your Webster home’s exterior a comprehensive cleaning with our soft washing service. Not only will it be better looking, but it will also boost your curb appeal while extending the life of your home’s exterior. Give us a call today and schedule our soft washing service for your home or roof!

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