Pittsford Roof Cleaning

Your roof protects your home and cleaning it should be one part of a regular maintenance routine for your home. Besides clearing dirt, dust, debris, and even microorganisms like moss and algae, having a clean roof can boost curb appeal and make your house sparkle. Your roof can make a great first impression, especially to new home buyers. If you’re looking to sell sometime in the near future, our roof washing service is perfect for you! You can count on the trained technicians at BF Home Services in Pittsford to keep your home’s first line of defense against external forces beautiful and functional.

Professional Roof Washing

For most homes, we use what is called “soft roof washing,” which basically involves spraying a gentle biodegradable detergent on your roof to lift dirt, debris, and other contaminants away from the shingles. This detergent soaks in for a few minutes, then we rinse it (and the dirt) away. It all flows down your shingles and into the gutter. This cleaning approach uses low pressure so that we don’t get water under your shingles or cause harm to them. This approach is safe for any type of roof, including asphalt shingles. Here are some of the benefits you are sure to enjoy when you rely on our Pittsford roof cleaning experts at BF Home Services:

SoftWash Roof Cleaning in Pittsford, NY by BF Home Services

Boosts Curb Appeal

It is hard to ignore the visible dirt and discoloration on someone’s roofing. Even if you have no intention of selling your property, maintaining a clean roof means that you’re less likely to have areas where moisture is trapped, like shady spots, or valleys where dirt and debris may build up. Regular roof cleaning as a part of seasonal maintenance can maintain that curb appeal.

Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan

Given enough time, these areas that retain moisture and debris are sure to attract microorganisms, which in turn retain more moisture. Some of these organisms are more than just ugly. Certain types of algae can grow on your roof that leech limestone out of asphalt shingles. Our roof washing service can take care of all of that! We want your roof to be able to drain water away properly, and we will be sure not to spray anything under your shingles, into your soffits, or into vents, etc. When harmful microorganisms infest your roof, they can cause tremendous damage and weaken shingles.

Saves Money

Having to repair your damaged roof frequently can eat into your savings. Replacing it is also an expensive proposition so getting into the habit of regular maintenance, especially seasonal roof cleaning, is very important. Depending on where you live and how your house is configured, you may benefit from more frequent cleanings. If you are in a shady area, or if you live near trees that drop leaves or pine needles, you may also want more frequent roof cleanings. Roof washing is a practical step as it protects this essential part of your house. Rely on BF Home Services to restore your Pittsford roof by giving it a thorough washing. Give us a call if you would like a free estimate, or if you’d like to schedule a visit today. BF Home Services is the best roof cleaning service Pittsford offers!

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