Penfield Roof Cleaning

Roof washing can be a very difficult project. It’s not as simple as spraying your roof with a hose, despite what some DIY kits at the hardware store may have you believe. It has dangers associated that could cause a catastrophe. Whenever you want to wash the roof of your home or workplace, hire a professional roof washing company in Penfield. BF Home Services has been cleaning roofs in Penfield for many years, and with all the experience we’ve gained, we have learned how to properly clean roofs safely and efficiently. With our professional roof washing service, you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands. Hiring a professional team means you don’t have to worry about the following situations:

Wasting Resources

Often times, homeowners get mixed results with DIY kits from the hardware store. Typically, they use harsh chemicals, and the kind that attach to your garden hose spray out all the cleaner at the beginning and by the end you’re just soaking your roof with more water. Think of all that time and energy wasted! Poor results can lead to homeowners trying to get onto their roof to remove things like moss and algae by scrubbing, which shouldn’t be necessary. Our special blend of cleansers is designed to lift all sorts of contaminants off your shingles so that when the time comes for a rinse, they all just wash away. Luckily for you, BF Home Services is the most experienced roof cleaning team in Penfield.

Risking Your SafetySoftWash Roof Cleaning in Pittsford, NY by BF Home Services

Another risk you may face is falling. If you try to operate a hose or pressure washer while on a ladder or on your roof, you could become seriously injured if you slip and fall. Your roof cleaning project could become a lot more costly.

Cost Over Time

If you compare the cost of a routine roof cleaning in Penfield versus the cost of repair or replacement, it’s easy to see that regular roof washing is the clear choice. If you regularly have your roof washed, you can prevent things like moss and algae from taking root. These microorganisms can leech limestone from asphalt shingles, making them brittle over time. If you’d like to extend the life of your roof, give BF Home Services a call today.

Damaging the Roof

Last, but not least, a DIY approach can often lead to damage to the roof or the surrounding siding. Spraying your roof with a pressure washer at high power can lead to disaster. You can easily cut asphalt shingles, or get water underneath the shingles or behind your siding. This can lead to mold and mildew inside your home. Don’t risk damaging your roof, simply hire BF Home Services. We are the best roof cleaning company in Penfield. We use a soft washing method that delivers special cleaning agents to your roof. We use a low pressure for our wash and our rinse, and we don’t spray water into your vents, chimney, or into your siding.

If you want the best and nothing less, choose BF Home Services for your roof cleaning project! Give us a call today.

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