Fairport Roof Cleaning

Have you noticed that your roof has black streaks on it? Believe it or not, that’s actually because of algae! Algae spores can settle on your roof and thrive in moist areas. They especially love asphalt shingles because of the limestone content. They leech it out, which can make shingles brittle. Such microorganisms thrive on the section of your roofing least exposed to ultraviolet rays. Dark algae streaks, when left untreated, gradually eat into and damage your shingles.

All of the unsightly invasion is effectively handled by the professional roof cleaning technicians at BF Home Services in . We recommend our proven roof washing techniques that safely eliminate algae using a soft washing method and biodegradable cleaning agents.

SoftWash Roof Cleaning in Pittsford, NY by BF Home Services

Origin of Algae

When Fairport experiences cooler and wetter conditions, it results in a moist roof, creating an ideal breeding ground for this microorganism. After these algae spores land on your roof’s moist areas, they take root and feed on the limestone present in your shingles. As they grow, they retain more water and spread. Eventually you’re left with black streaks on your shingles. The black residue left behind streaks down your roof, possibly staining other home exterior sections like your siding. An effective roof cleaning by BF Home Services is the best way to minimize algae’s damaging impact. Without a thorough roof washing, the algae infestation will destroy your shingles and necessitate a repair or replacement.

Prevent Algae Growth

So, what can you do about it? In addition to getting your Fairport roofing a regular roof washing, BF Home Services suggest taking these preventive steps:

  • Trim tree branches, so your rooftop collects less debris
  • Frequently get us to clean your gutters which promotes water drainage
  • Prevent debris from ever accumulating on your roofing by scheduling a cleaning session with our team

Hire Specialized Roof Washers

Maintaining your roof’s integrity by ridding it of every trace of algae and other pollutants is the goal of the roof washing specialists at BF Home Services. Hiring us to perform a thorough roof cleaning saves you time and money. We have the resources and skillset to deliver top-notch results on the first attempt. It is not advisable to undertake such a risky activity like roof cleaning without undergoing mandatory training. Hiring an insured and licensed service provider in Fairport like us entitles you to:

  • The latest and most effective roof cleaning methods
  • Certified technicians who take all the necessary safety precautions before commencing the washing by wearing safety gear, covering vulnerable landscaping, and responsibly handling all equipment
  • A thorough elimination from their root of all the living organisms capable of causing extensive damage
  • Regaining the original appeal of your attractive roof

Reduce the Risk

If you’ve considered trying to wash your own roof, know that we use specialized tools and special detergents not widely available. We may be able to complete the project without ever leaving the ground. If you were to use a garden hose and a kit from the hardware store, you may find that you are disappointed with the results. You shouldn’t have to risk climbing around on your roof to get the results you need. You should call us instead! We have been serving Fairport for many years, and our reviews can attest to the work we do. If you’d like to get an estimate or schedule a visit, please give us a call today!

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