Canandaigua Roof Cleaning

As a home or business owner, you need to ensure that nothing affects the appearance of your house or company. That is why the maintenance of every part of your home or office should be your priority. From the walls to the windows, and down to the concrete surfaces, you need to make sure that nothing stops you from taking a proper care of your building as a whole.

However, there is one area that some home and business owners sometimes forget about. They have forgotten that a building’s roof is one of the most important areas that must not be left untreated. And as a result of that, they leave their roof without taking any protective measure to keep it safe.

SoftWash Roof Cleaning in Pittsford, NY by BF Home ServicesWe understand how important your roof is. BF Home Services also understands that your roof needs regular washing to keep it free from dirt, pollen, moss, twigs and other destructive debris. That is why we bring BF Home Services to you. The residents of Canandaigua have trusted us to clean their roofs for many years, and we have had many satisfied customers.

If left unchecked, your roof could become an inviting home for moss and algae. Certain types of algae thrive on asphalt shingles, and can actually leech limestone from them, causing them to become brittle over time. You need an experienced roof cleaning company in Canandaigua Proper and regular washing is the key to preserving the life of those shingles. We proudly serve Canandaigua and the surrounding areas and we will help you to fight off those roof-damaging contaminants. We proudly provide both residential and commercial roof cleaning services.

We use eco-friendly detergents that are designed to gently lift dirt and other contaminants from your shingles so that we can safely and easily rinse them away after we are done. This process is called “soft washing,” and it is appropriate for any type of roof. Typically, the cleansers are sprayed on the roof, left to soak for a little while, and then we use a low-pressure rinse to wash it all away, leaving you with a streak free roof.

If you’re looking to sell your home, a clean roof can instantly boost your curb appeal. First impressions are important, and for a home buyer that has seen potentially many houses in a row, a sparkling clean roof (and our other services) can help make for a lasting first impression. Realtors in Canandaigua often suggest roof cleaning services as a part of their selling process

What about a DIY approach? Well, your typical garden hose may not be powerful enough to reach all parts of your roof, and store-bought kits often leave much to be desired. The cleaner is often sprayed out all at the beginning, leaving you with just water being sprayed all over your roof. There’s also the risk of falling or damage to your roof or siding if you aren’t familiar with what you’re doing. It’s not worth the risk.

If you would like to extend the life of your roof, boost your curb appeal, and make your roof sparkle again, give BF Home Services in Canandaigua a call today. We would love to talk to you about your roof cleaning project. We can give you a free estimate on the phone, or online.

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