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House washing is one of the best ways in which you can care for your home and it should be an integral part of every homeowner’s annual home maintenance routine. Home exteriors are subject to things like harsh weather, dirt, dust, and pollen, and they can accumulate a considerable amount of these contaminants over time, especially in shady areas and corners. Unfortunately, DIY methods of cleaning just won’t produce the same results as professional cleaning. With professional house washing services from BF Home Services in Webster, you can take care of your home much affordably.  How expensive is professional house washing? Of course, part of it depends on how big your house is, but let’s take a closer look at what you may pay for alternatives:

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Long Term Maintenance – If you think that just spraying a hose on your siding is going to take care of things like algae, moss, and mold, you are going to be disappointed when you see that they just absorb the water and grow larger! If you compare the cost of an annual house washing service to repainting or replacing your siding, you can easily see the cost benefit. When dirt and debris accumulate on your exterior, it can result in organisms like mold and algae accumulating and leaving streaks. This is a bigger problem in areas of your siding that never fully dry, like corners and shady areas. House washing services from BF Home Services in Webster, can help you get rid of these contaminants in far less time and effort than a DIY approach, and certainly less than repair or replacement!

Increasing Home Value – If you look at your house as an investment, then house washing services from BF Home Services in Webster make perfect sense because they can instantly boost your curb appeal and your home’s value. Potential home buyers will be more keen on investing in a house that is sparkling clean than one that has black streaks from algae, mold, and moss. This is where a comprehensive cleaning can really benefit your home and your property value.

Cost Effectiveness – Considering that you could easily spend a thousand dollars on a good pressure washer, it’s easy to see how our home washing service is more affordable. Not to mention the specialized cleaning agents we use, or the time and effort it would take for you to learn how to properly use the pressure washer so as to not damage your siding in the process. If you do damage your siding, who knows how much you’re going to spend? With our technicians it’s always safety first. We are trained to know how much pressure to use to deliver our cleaning agents to all parts of your home. When we rinse, we use low pressure and a high volume of water to leave your house sparkling clean.

If you’d like to know more about our process, or get an estimate to wash your home’s exterior, you can contact our team at BF Home Services in Webster, to come up with a plan to get your house washed at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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