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If your home is looking dirty or dingy lately, it may be time to give your house a bath. A thorough cleaning removes built-up grime on exposed home surfaces and leaves you with an appealing exterior. BF Home Services technicians can eliminate debris and other contaminants by performing our house washing service for you. We proudly serve Victor and the surrounding areas. We’ve washed many many houses in the Victor area and over the years we’ve heard it all. We’ve taken our five favorite “myths” about house washing and debunked them for you. Whether it’s just a misconception about cost, why it’s important, or something outrageous, we’re here to set the record straight! Without further ado, here are five of our favorite myths:

Rochester NY Soft Wash House Low Pressure WashingI Only Need It if It’s Dirty

BF Home Services recommends washing the exterior of your home at least annually. If your home is located somewhere in Victor that gets a lot of shade, or is near a source of water, you may benefit from more frequent cleanings. Dirt, dust, pollen, and plant materials can accumulate in areas you can’t see from the ground, and if they’re allowed to sit for extended periods of time, they can absorb and retain moisture, introducing the possibility of mold or other harmful organisms. Having your house washed on a regular schedule ensures that these organisms have nowhere to take root and live on your siding.

I Can Do It Myself

BF Home Services technicians receive training and use very specialized tools and detergents to make dirt, pollen, mold, and moss disappear from your siding. It’s more than just spraying water on your home’s exterior. You could probably do it if you had scaffolding, a scrubbing brush, and a week to dedicate to it, but we utilize tested methods and tools to wash your property quickly and efficiently. Our tools allow us to complete a project in a couple hours that may take you all week.

I Just Need a Pressure Washer

Speaking of tools, just renting a pressure washer from the hardware store is not going to cut it for most house washing projects. It may remove the dirt, but if you’re not careful it may remove the paint or crack vinyl siding. Even if you have siding that is more resilient, you may be spraying water behind your siding if you use high pressure. This can lead to disaster! We use specially formulated detergents that soak into the dirt and stains and lift them from the surface. This means that we can spray your Victor home with a much lower pressure, reducing the risk of damage. This is called “soft washing” and it works for your siding and even your roof. Any area that may have tough stains but isn’t robust enough to withstand a pressure washer should be considered for soft washing. One cleaning method will not work for all surfaces, and our technicians at BF Home Services are trained to know which requires which! This ensures that your home’s exterior is cleaned safely and effectively every time.

It’s Way Too Expensive

If you consider the price to repaint your house, or to replace parts of your siding, it’s easy to see that an annual house washing is much cheaper then repainting or replacement. You could easily spend a thousand dollars on a pressure washer.

If you’d like to renew your home’s exterior with our amazing soft house washing service, please give us a call today for a free estimate. We are the best house washing company in Victor for a reason!

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