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House washing is one of the best ways of maintaining your Rochester home’s exterior, but when it comes to washing certain types of houses, we have to use different techniques to ensure that the siding (or whatever the exterior is) is cleaned safely and thoroughly. For example, high pressure cannot be used or you may damage the siding. For a house that has vinyl siding or cedar shake, special care should be taken to ensure no damage is caused. Not using the right techniques can cause more harm than good. You may end up damaging the siding, or getting water behind it and into your house. This can lead to mold and potential disaster. At BF Home Services, our experts make sure that every property is properly cleaned. We have been performing house washing services in Rochester for many years. This has allowed us to gain valuable experience. If you’re considering another company or a DIY approach for your project, here are some points to consider:

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The Right Distance – Typically, pressure washers are used to clean tough surfaces by spraying high pressured water. This won’t work on siding. The key is to use just enough pressure to deliver the cleaning agents to all parts of the siding. The pressure isn’t doing the cleaning, our special detergents are. Too much pressure can strip away paint or damage the siding. Likewise, a proper pressure that is used too closely can damage the siding. Our experts at BF Home Services have performed our house washing service on many types of siding and know which settings to use. They know how long to let the cleaning agents soak on your siding before rinsing to ensure a proper cleaning. Customers in Rochester have trusted us with their homes for many years.

Washer Strength – Your average water hose may not have enough pressure to deliver to all parts of your home. You might have to climb ladders, which could prove dangerous when all your attention is diverted to the cleaning. Experts from BF Home Services in Rochester use commercial washers that have the right water pressure to reach all the areas of your home (or even your roof), and they are adjustable so that we can spray delicate surfaces as well.

Eco-Friendly Solutions – Our specially formulated cleaning agents are designed to lift dirt, dust, pollen, and more away from the siding so that when we rinse it, it falls right off. Store bought kits that attach to your garden hose often end up spraying the cleaning agents out all at once, leaving you with a very harsh cleaning on part of your house, and just water on the rest. This will lead to an uneven clean that will probably look worse than when you started. You should rely on the house washing experts at BF Home Services to deliver the results you need.

Safety First – Our technicians are trained to use our machines and cleaning agents properly, and if the need arises, to operate the equipment to reach second or third stories. Trying to operate a pressure washer while on a ladder or roof can be very tricky, even if you are trained. Reduce the risk today by hiring a team of professionals to tackle this project for you.

If you need house washing services in the Rochester area, give us a call today and we can get you a free estimate and schedule a service at your convenience.

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