Penfield House Washing

If your siding is looking dirty and dingy lately, it’s time to have the technicians at BF Home Services in Penfield perform our awesome house washing service for you! Our soft washing techniques will get rid of unsightly dirt, dust, pollen, mold, algae, and any other ugly contaminant that may be sticking to your home. If layers of these contaminants are making your siding look old and dull, give us a call. Calling BF Home Services to perform our house washing service ensures your siding is cleaned safely and efficiently every time by professionals that are trusted by the community.

Our technicians have been serving Penfield for many years, and they are committed to protecting your home from dirt and invasive organisms that may be sticking to your siding. Not only will your house be beautiful and sparkling clean, it will get a boost when it comes to curb appeal. Perfect if you’re thinking about selling sometime soon!

Rochester NY Soft Wash House Low Pressure Washing

Renewing Over Replacement

Focusing on the fundamentals is sure to impress anyone looking at your Penfield property. Rather than having to spend thousands on new siding or paint, you can renew the look of your home’s exterior with our simple soft house washing service. Here are some other ways our service adds value to your home:

Ensures a Lasting First Impression

The condition of your home’s exterior can make a great first impression. BF Home Services technicians understand that boosting curb appeal can be a great way to add value to your home if you’re trying to sell. You can help your home stand out among the others that potential buyers have viewed.

Raises Your Home’s Market Value 

Speaking of potential buyers, the fastest and most cost-effective route to raise your property’s market value is by eliminating all unwanted elements from its exterior. All it takes is one house washing session performed by our experts and you’ll be instantly adding curb appeal. We use mild detergents to lift all the ugly stains, harmful plant growth, and visible dirt from the surface of your siding and then rinse it away.

Extend the Life of Your Siding

Ensuring your siding is free from dirt and other contaminants that may capture and retain moisture is important if you’d like to extend the life of your siding. If left alone, dirty areas will attract more moisture, and will then attract more dirt if they don’t fully dry. This vicious circle means that eventually your house is covered in dirt, and it’s the perfect place for mold, moss, and algae to take root. Keeping your siding clean and dry is important, and lifting these contaminants from your siding is the best way to ensure they don’t take root.

BF Home Services has been serving the Penfield area for many years, and we’ve washed a lot of houses. The tools and skills we’ve acquired over the years allows us to perform our jobs more quickly, efficiently, and safely. If your Penfield property is looking dull or dingy lately, give us a call and our amazing house washing service will make it sparkle again!

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