Fairport House Washing

If you’re looking to paint your home in the near future, or if you’re just trying to renew its appearance and boost that curb appeal, BF Home Services’ soft house washing service in Fairport may be exactly what you need. Prepping your surfaces typically involves washing them clean of dirt and debris so that the paint has a nice surface to stick to. Merely rinsing your home’s exterior may add to your problems. If there are areas that never completely dry, or if there are debris that accumulate in areas like corners, window sills, etc., you may just be attracting more dirt and debris. Then when you start painting, you will be trapping moisture in.

BF Home Services uses special detergents designed to lift dirt and other contaminants from these surfaces. This ensures the surfaces underneath are exposed and if you’re ready to paint, they are clean and clear. Painting your Fairport home’s exterior is best performed when it can adhere properly to the surface of the siding, and our house washing service ensures that you aren’t trapping things underneath. We have been serving the Fairport community for many years with our house washing services.

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House Washing Extends the Lifespan of Exterior Paint

Painting your home after it has been professionally cleaned ensures that there’s nothing trapped between the new and old layers. This means no bubbles and more importantly, no trapped moisture. If debris are left alone in areas like window sills, you will not get good adherence, and you might be making more work for yourself. So, to ensure it’s done right the first time, before you start painting, be sure and schedule a house washing appointment with BF Home Services. After assessing your exterior surfaces, our technicians begin cleaning them. Allowing washed surfaces to dry out completely and conforming to recommended practices ensures your exterior paintwork lasts as long as possible.

Preparing Siding

Washing and rinsing every square inch of your exterior walls is going to ensure they’re prepped properly. Our trained technicians pay close attention while washing the lower edges of your siding. We adjust the flow of water so that moisture does not get behind your siding and become trapped, and this can be a recipe for disaster later if mold takes root.

The Professional Approach

To ensure your home’s exterior is properly taken care of, you should rely on the most trusted house washing company in Fairport. We know that store bought kits that attach to your hose often contain harsh chemicals, and although they are meant to be sprayed on your entire siding evenly, typically the cleaner comes out all at once, leaving you with one clean spot at the beginning and just water near the end. Our team of pros ensures that our cleaning agents are delivered consistently all over your siding so that you get an even clean. By pre-mixing, we can ensure that everything we spray has the correct water-to-detergent ratio. Our tools also allow us to complete most projects from the ground, whereas if you have a multi-story home, you may find yourself up on a ladder or on your roof, and that introduces a lot of risk, especially when you’re spraying cleaning agents that may become slippery.

Take the risk out, call BF Home Services today. We would love to help you get sparkling clean siding, whether it’s new or old. Our house washing service is a great way to prepare your siding for a new coat of paint. We are Fairport’s best house washing company! Give us a call today.

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