Canandaigua House Washing

Properly cleaning away dirt, stubborn stains, and accumulated debris from your home’s exterior requires special tools, quality detergents, and special washing techniques. When you call BF Home Services in Canandaigua, we send our trained technicians and professional grade tools to ensure your house washing project is completed quickly, efficiently, and safely. We undertake every step necessary to get you a sparkling clean result without damaging your siding. Part of it is ensuring we tune our tools correctly for each project. Another part is our training. Using proper tools, detergents, and techniques is essential when completing our projects. As a responsible house washing service provider, our team at BF Home Services follows a transparent pricing structure while arriving at an estimate. Our many reviews from homeowners in Canandaigua can attest to our house washing service.

Rochester NY Soft Wash House Low Pressure Washing

Applying Different Techniques

Whether concrete, wood, stone, vinyl, or brick, every surface demands a unique washing approach. The type of contaminant can be important, too. If you’ve got green streaks on your siding, you may have algae, and an algaecide can neutralize it so it can’t spread. Our experienced technicians from BF Home Services carefully evaluate all these aspects and take them into consideration. Just as an example, let’s say your house has cedar shake siding with asphalt shingles, a brick walkway, and a concrete driveway. We are looking at four different ways we need to adjust our tools so that we can achieve the maximum clean without damaging the surfaces. If we tried to apply the same settings on cedar siding that we might apply to concrete, we could easily cut the shingles off. This is why soft house washing is so important. On your siding we use low pressure and special cleansers. We do not use high pressure. Whatever the scenario is, we have the appropriate cleaning technique to use. What else would you expect from the best house washing service in Canandaigua?

Extending the Life of Your Siding

If you’ve got wooden siding, whether it be cedar shake, wooden lap, T1-11, or something else, regular maintenance could mean extending the life of your siding. If left alone, some areas of your siding may accumulate more debris and contaminants than others. For example, if you’ve got shady areas around your house, or inside corners that never really seem to get dry, they can be susceptible to things like moss, algae, or even mold. These contaminants retain moisture, and thus begins a vicious circle. The good news is that BF Home Services in Canandaigua can get rid of all of them!

Reduce the Risks

Operating a pressure washer can be tricky, even if you have the training. Operating a pressure washer while up on a ladder or on a roof could be a recipe for disaster. Besides causing damage to your home, you could possibly hurt yourself. You may also get water in places it isn’t supposed to go, like into attic vents, dryer vents, kitchen vents, behind trim, into electrical fixtures, etc. Is it worth it? Our team has the tools necessary to deliver water only where we want it.

BF Home Services has been proudly serving the Canandaigua area with our house washing services for many years. If it’s time for your house to get a bath, give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate.

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